Third Time’s a Charm

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Marian Hossa put it best after Game 6 in Philadelphia: “When we go to the Finals again, I was so happy to be in the Finals, but at the same time, it was scary. I’m so glad, what a relief. Third time’s the lucky charm. I won it and I got a Stanley Cup and … what a feeling. This is unbelievable!” After three long, grueling runs at the cup, Marian Hossa has finally won the Stanley Cup. This accomplishment has eluded him twice before, once with the Penguins and once with the Detroit Red Wings.

However, Marian never gave up or lost focus. He kept pushing towards what he wanted to finally achieve: a Stanley Cup Victory. John Madden, who received his third Stanley Cup on Thursday, had this to say about Hossa: “He deserves it. He never laid down and died. Even when that puck went off his leg and in the net for the third goal, he kept coming and never quit. There was never a ‘why me?’ or anything like that. I’m telling you, he has without a doubt a huge heart and soul.”

Marian Hossa’s heart and soul wouldn’t have gotten him anywhere if he were not talented. Although Marian can be an offensive juggernaut, his playoff stats of 3 goals and 12 assists seem a little sub par. This is because he was not counted on as an offensive machine with the Blackhawks. Anyone watching the playoffs would know that Hossa was counted on to make checks and to stabilize a third line, a credit to Hossa’s versatility as a player. Hossa was a key player on the Blackhawk’s penalty kill as well as an aggressive fore-cheker.

In addition to his versatility, Hossa was also a leader in the playoffs for the Blackhawks. As one of a very few number of players on the roster with playoff experience, Hossa was counted on as a leader of the team, not just in hockey terms, but emotionally as well. His way of keeping a steady pace and never quitting was demonstrated throughout the whole playoffs.

In conclusion, Hossa played an instrumental part in the Blackhawk’s Stanley Cup championship. As Chicago player Tomas Kopecky puts it “”It was definitely one of the memories I won’t forget, he was so determined. He was so driven to win the Cup. Once I saw him … it’s one of the moments you play hockey for. It’s unbelievable.” Its time to realize a great hockey player for all of his achievements. Congratulations Marian.

Credit to The Official Chicago Blackhawk site for the photo and quotes


Why, Jarred, Why?

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The purpose of this blog is to keep an up-to-date reference on the NHL and to chronicle my love for hockey. Some people may ask, how did a 6′ 1″, 280# football player come to love hockey so much? I answer this with “What’s not to love?”The traditions, intense play, skills, fights, checking, and of course, a playoff format that would even make Chuck Norris shiver. I don’t really know where I am going with this blog, but I plan on it being fun for me. I hope all of you who read this enjoy it as much as I do. For the love of hockey:

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